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Tailor-Made Board Game Design

As Learning Designs, we have designed 72 unique and special board games with our experience of more than 10 years.

If you, as an institution, want your trainings, business processes, workshops, or the subjects you want to give information to become more innovative, participatory, and game-based, you are in the right place!

Tailo-made board game design is done on a subject that is needed for any age group. Details such as the characteristics of the target group who will play the game, the age range, and the main subject of the game are obtained from the institution requesting the game. Then, technical issues such as game mechanics, materials are created by Learning Designs in collaboration with the institution.

Tailor-Made Board Game Design Process

Stage 1: Filling out the game design needs assessment form

Stage 2: Game draft planning

Stage 3: Meeting with the institution

Stage 4: Updating the game draft

Phase 5: Two demo applications

Stage 6: Updating the game draft

Stage 7: Completing the game

Duration: Game design and delivery time varies between 2-12 months depending on the board game type.

Requesting a Tailor-Made Board Game

If you want to have a tailor-made board game designed for your target group with your needs, you can contact us.

Examples of Our Tailor-Made Board Games