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Requesting Counseling

You can contact us for consultancy on designing a game, setting up a gamification system, social cohesion studies, moderating workshops or conferences in a gamified way, creating and gamifying volunteer systems!

Board Game Design Consulting

If you have an idea to design a board game and you want to bring it to life, you can get consultancy from us. As Learning Designs, we can advise you to develop games suitable for your purpose with our experience of more than 10 years and 72 unique and special game design experiences. If you don’t have a board game idea and want to learn game development, you can request game design training as a group.

Gamification Consulting

We provide consultancy to gamify an training, program or curriculum. We can organize different content in a way that is more enjoyable and participatory by adapting the gamification dynamics.

Social Cohesion Activities Consultancy

Social cohesion of Syrian children, youth and women; we provide consultancy in game-based and artistic activities on the integration of society. As of 2015, we planned trainings for different Syrian groups, designed board games and gamified existing training programs. If you are working with Syrian groups, working within the social cohesion and want support, you can contact us.

Workshop and Conference Moderation and Gamification Consulting

We can gamify so that the participants who come to your workshops or conferences play an active role and get to know each other. Gamification mechanics and dynamics are organized according to the content of your workshops and conferences.

Volunteer System and Gamification Consultancy

We can gamify the volunteer system of the institution or company with a volunteer network and provide consultancy for it to continue in a systematic way. If you don’t have a volunteer network and you want to create one, you can contact us to set it up. You can review our volunteering system, which we have been maintaining for 8 years as Learning Designs, in our volunteers section.