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Volunteer System

In the beginning, we decided to create a social benefit in the name of education in everything we do. As we progressed with this decision, we met many people who wanted to make a difference, provide social benefit and stand by us. Thus, it enabled us to develop the “Volunteer System” that has been going on for 8 years.

Volunteering is a method generally seen in non-governmental organizations. Companies hire trainees and support their professional development. As a social enterprise, we believe in the power of volunteers. We open a call for volunteers in August every year. We evaluate the applications in 3 stages and make the selection of volunteers. Our only condition for volunteering is motivation; we do not set criteria such as where he/she lives, education level! Anyone from all over the world can join us after passing the necessary stages.

What Do Volunteers Do?

All of our volunteers can take part in game events held all over Turkey, they participate in our trainings, the projects we carry out, they conduct researches, they cooperate and carry out activities that will have an impact in their localities and in Turkey. We support the projects of many volunteers and we continue to be a growing family together.

Gamification in the Volunteer System

As a family that loves board games, we also gamified our volunteering system. Volunteers gain “seeds” from the work they do, the ideas they bring, their meetings, cooperation, and writing, and these seeds turn into books, coffee, training, and various gifts over time. 

Our gamification system is based on 3 principles:

– Equality and Transparency: The whole team is aware of our activities and those who are eligible announce that they will participate in the activity. Those who cannot attend an event can participate in another event. But everyone knows who will take part in the event and the whole selection process.

– Participation: The activities are not only for those living in Istanbul, but also include everyone. In addition to game implementation activities, there are also activities such as research and cooperation, and volunteers can form teams, albeit in different provinces. In addition, volunteers can create activities themselves.

– Acknowledgment: Every work done is valuable to us, so thank you is a ceremony we do with a photo after every work.

In our volunteer system, which is about to complete its eighth year, we have 135 volunteers with different experiences and knowledge. In our volunteer system, we have the possibility to start working part-time or full-time with our eligible volunteers towards the end of the first year. In addition, all our volunteers can get a reference letter for their business life.